Structured Settlements

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Many times the original structured settlement policy fails to account for sudden needs that come up over time, new opportunities, and changes in lifestyle including medical and education cost.

What are the benefits of restructuring?

Is your structured settlement terms providing enough liquidity to cover your monthly financial needs?

Are you in the need of a lump sum of cash to cover unexpected expenses or pursue new opportunities?

Types of Structured Settlements


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Questions About Structured Settlements

1What is a structured settlement?
Structured settlements are commonly used in settling personal injury, medical malpractice, or wrongful death lawsuits. A structured settlement allows court-awarded compensation to be paid in installments over time, rather than up front in one lump sum. These installments may be paid over a fixed period of time or for the duration of the recipient’s lifetime.
2Do I have to transfer my entire structured settlement payment stream?
No, you do not have to transfer your entire payment stream. There are many different options and structures that can allow you to accomplish your goals. At Black Square Financial helping you realize the best plan to accomplish your needs is our number one priority.
3How can accessing my money early benefit me?
There are many benefits to accessing your funds early including paying off debt. Whether it is medical, credit card, mortgage, or auto for example, can be extremely debilitating. The chance to relieve this debt can be invaluable. Also, having the capital to pursue a dream or take advantage of an opportunity can be equally rewarding.
4What expenses will I have to pay to sell my structured settlement?
There are no expenses charged to you. There are no hidden fees, Black Square Financial will handle any fees associated with facilitating the transfer. Contact us >
5Will transferring my structured settlement payments for a lump sum have any tax penalties?
The federal government has stated any money coming from a pain and suffering settlement as tax exempt. As long as the sale of your structured settlement payment stream complies with applicable federal and state laws, you should not incur tax penalties.
6Why Black Square? What makes you different?
At Black Square, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We take the time to build real relationships with our clients. Because understanding who you truly are and being able to learn about your whole financial picture, are the greatest resources for us to be able to help you in a real and lasting way.
7Do I have to appear in court?
Court appearance is required in most states but not all. Required appearance can vary from county to county and judge to judge. Most companies will tell you that you will not have to appear and end up dropping a last minute bombshell on you. At Black Square, transparency is everything and we prefer to utilize our time making sure that you are fully prepared and can ensure a smooth and fast approval.
8How long does it take to receive my money after court approval?
Provided the judge signs the court order approving the transaction, and we are able to obtain a version of the executed court order, In most cases, we are able to fund within 48 hours of court approval. Contact us >
9I live in Washington State, can you help me?
Black Square financial has completed successful transactions all across the country. We have well established relationships with attorneys nationwide that facilitate a successful transaction.
10How will I receive my funds?
You can receive your funds by either check or wire, the choice is yours. Contact us >