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Using Cash from your Structured Settlement to Buy a Home

You are considering to get cash from your structured settlement or perhaps from an annuity or lottery winnings. This cash will help you meet financial needs, maybe escape from having to pay rent, and that's always a relief. It'll understandably raise some eyebrows if someone suggests that you sell part of your structured settlement without a legitimate plan in place. To some folks this may sound ridiculous at first. Why would you sell your structured settlement? Well, you know that old saying about how you have to spend money to make money? That's basically all investing is. You could hold onto what you have, pay monthly rent and everything might be fine. Or, you could take the steps to improve on what you have by buying instead of renting. You don't need a fancy top hat or a vault filled with coins like Scrooge McDuck to invest in real estate. You can just be an ordinary person, unwilling to let your money be controlled by others. There are a variety of investments you can make, true, but none with all the benefits of investing in real estate.

The biggest bar to entry in investing is the entry, right? Real estate offers the quickest way to get started. When investing in real estate, you can leverage your funds. That means you can use the current value of your money as a down payment to start your investment. Other investment options like stocks, bonds, and gold are more volatile and require you to use a larger chunk of your money upfront. Being able to get the early jump on investing only increases your profits in the long run.

Now, about those profits. You've chosen to get cash from your structured settlement, but how does that help your cash flow? How can you make up what you’ve exchanged? Real estate offers a bigger potential return on investment than stocks and bonds, mutual funds and certificates of deposit, certainly more than gold. You can rent your property out to people who, unlike you, aren't quite able to buy instead of rent. You can sell your property; you don't have to have a show on HGTV to flip houses. You can even mix in both, renting at first and then selling. It's the best way of creating money for the future from what you have now.

Speaking of the future, investing in real estate is the best way to manage your finances down the road. The housing market is strong, with the 2008 collapse in the rear view mirror serving as a reminder to stay responsible. Plus, investing in real estate means you get to control the future of your investments, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the stock market pans out. Your finances deserve better than that. Sure, you could choose monthly payments to get cash now, but doesn't it make more sense to invest in your future? Monetary payment now is fleeting, but by exchanging your structured settlement and choosing to buy instead of rent, you create a way for you to continue to meet your financial needs even well beyond the term of your current policy. Look into it; your future self will be thankful you did.